All about Alau-alau

Alau-alau Boutique Resort

"In 2011, Laguna Helau is rejuvenating its face and changes the name to Alau-alau Boutique Resort, taken from the original language means fireflies.

Alau-alau & Kalianda

Alau-alau is at a remote paradise called Kalianda, with limited cozy cabins, combined with the shades of nature and warm classic wood.

With the area of 27 acre, Alau-alau Boutique Resort is built with a flawless characteristic as a boutique hotel and spa. Alau-alau is an exclusive – private resort with only beach/shore covered by white sand and great view of Anak Krakatau Mountain.

Strolling at the backyard of Alau-alau Boutique Resort, You will find Sengon tree, Teak tree and Mangroves as our water supply

Alau-alau is built from an available local material. Rocks from nearby seashore, woods of coconut tree and sengon from the backyard soil.

Alau-alau Facilities

Comforts in Alau-alau

Alau-alau is inspired from the simplicity way of life and historical buildings as identity and uniqueness that possessed by Indonesian Villages only and enrich by modern touch. Guests own the privilege to indulge them selves in AC room or natural breeze.

Lagoon Pool, after enjoying the view from the room, plunge into our fresh water pool, situated next to the lagoon. Follow the stone steps from your villa room and sunbathe on the mini white sandy beach surrounding the pool. Stretch out on one of our sun-loungers and simply relax while enjoying our signature drinks from the bar.

Alau-alau Villa, private terrace with a profound window to breathe the dawn accompanied by a glass of fresh strawberry juice, enlightening your leisure time while experiencing the beautiful Sunda Strait.

Alau-alau Pondok, eight wooden cottages offer unimpeded sea views and features spectacular prospects of the sunsets and the neighboring islands. Six of the cottages are a spacious 114-sqm that can accommodate up to eight guests. Each is furnished in wood and features four bedrooms and an open space that consists of a living room and dining room.

Activities at Alau-alau

Anak Krakatau Mountain

Are you in the urge of adventure? Climbing the Krakatau Mountain is the best choice to boost the adrenalin inside your body. It is reachable by 3 hours sails from CANTI Port-Kalianda coast (45 minutes journey from Alau-alau Boutique Resort.

Sebesi Island & Sebeku Island

Clear beach with coral reefs and diversity of fish in a green tropical atmosphere is hard to resist while enjoying snorkeling, diving, fishing & hunting.

You may get the chance to see this island from Alau-alau Boutique Resort when the weather is sunny. Transportations available are : boat or motorcycle, and it will take you around 1.5 hours from CANTI port.

Way Belerang Hot Water Bathing

What else could be more fun than releasing your daily stress in a warm water bath? Located near Mountain of Rajabasa, 1 km from the city center of Kalianda, Way Belerang Hot Water is accessible around 45 minutes from Alau-alau boutique resort.

Way Kambas National Park

Riding the world biggest mammal? Grasp the chance of experiencing various attractions of the elephants while exhaling the natural forest.

Way Kambas National Park is reachable with in 3 hours journey from Alau-alau boutique resort.

Go Green My Alau-alau

We are committed to involve in looking after the wellbeing of our soil and sea for the future of our next generation. All of plastic materials for amenities are banned and we only use recyclable and refillable container (bottle).

All guests are encouraged to re-use their towel without hesitation to reduce the risk of damaging the environment by using chemical substance in detergent.

Regarding the sea preservation and to avoid sea pollution, jet ski and similar water sport/transportation are not allowed around the resort.